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We're mad Scilly in love with this place

This is Scilly Billy

Once you've experienced the Isles of Scilly, they get into your heart and never leave.

Our range of T-shirts, hoodies, Cornish smockshats, snoodstea towels, cushion covers and bags features a variety of characters - such as Scilly Billy & Scilly Moo - and other designs launched each year. There's something for every member of the family.

Why Scilly BIlly?

I was blessed to live on St Martin's as a child, and understand why people are always drawn back to Scilly. After travelling the world and living in New Zealand, I returned home and reunited with the Scillonian boy I went to school with, who is now my husband.

I wanted to help you celebrate your own Scilly experiences, joyful times with family and friends. So I created Scilly Billy to embody the charm, fun and characters of these magical little islands.

Just like every islander has a story, so does every Scilly Billy character. You can read their stories below - see which one reminds you of someone you know!


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Scilly Billy is a salty old sea goat who has lived on St Martin's since he was a kid. A likeable character, he always has a story to tell and a joke to crack which often provokes the response, "You're such a silly billy!"

He descends from a long line of proud Scillonian goats. His mother, grandmother and great-grandmother nanny goats were also born on the island. He is always entertaining his kids and grandkids with stories of smugglers, pirates and adventures on the high seas. If you want to know anything about Scilly, just ask Billy.

Scilly Moo is a very silly cow. She often wanders far from the herd and gets lost in her daydreams looking out to sea. She has even been found wandering around the Daymark, which makes her even more dizzy. Her friends suspect she is dreaming of a modelling career in the buzzing metropolis of Penzance.

She loves daffodils and has been told by the island farmers not to eat them, but she just can't help herself.

She secretly fancies the swashbuckling Scilly Ass, but knows that his charms are also admired by many other Scillonian females.

Scilly Ass fancies himself as Captain Jack Sparrow ever since appearing in a production of 'Pirates of the Caribbean - At Land's End' at the Minack Theatre in 2010. However, he hasn't quite got the brains and wit to pull it off. Despite this, he has many admirers throughout the islands and is popular with the ladies.

Being such a silly ass he can get himself into some tricky situations. Unlike Jack, he survives more on luck than by using wit and negotiation.

He knows he has many female admirers amongst the islanders, including his friend Moo. But he is far too busy having fun adventures as a single Scilly Ass.

Our super-cheeky Scilly Seal lives in the waters around Menawethan, the most easterly island of the Eastern Isles. He loves making friends with humans and waves to passengers on the Scillonian ferry as it passes by.

His favourite time of day is when humans jump in the water with him and his friends. They are usually snorkelers visiting from the nearby island of St Martin's. He likes to nibble their colourful fins, check everybody out and give them his seal of approval (oh, and pose for photos of course - quite the celebrity).

He is great mates with Scilly Ass, and the two of them are on a secret mission to uncover the Lost Treasure of Gwithian, which was sunk on a pirate ship in the 16th Century. They believe the wreck lies around the Eastern Isles somewhere, but only the Cowrie King knows its true location.